Anti -Wrinkle Treatments - Botox®

30 min first consultation, 15 min top up

1 area from £150
2 areas from £200
3 areas from £250 

Pay per area and have a free top up at 2 weeks if needed, 
or choose to pay £8 per unit with no free top up. 

Advanced Botox Treatments


Excess sweating under arms

Botox to Masseter muscles
for excess grinding of teeth/jaw pain

We use Allergan Botox® and Merz Bocouture®
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Dermal Fillers 

Juvederm filler 
(1.0ml with lidocaine) from £275

Juvederm Smile (lips) 
(0.55ml with lidocaine) from £200

Radiesse filler 
(0.3ml, 0.8ml, 7.5ml) from £385

Belotero filler
(Soft, Basic, Intense) from £275

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Facial Resurfacing Treatments 

£55 per treatment
(diamond tip medical grade)

Dermaroller Treatments 
from £120 per treatment
(roller size starts 0.5 to 3mm)

Mesopen Treatments
£200 per treatment

£60 per treatment 

Salicylic Peel
£80 per treatment

Acne Lift Facial
£80 per treatment 

Ormedic Lift
£80 per treatment 

The Signature Lift
£80 per treatment 

The Lightening Lift
£80 per treatment

Beta Lift 
£100 per treatment

Perfection Lift
£100 per treatment




Laser Skin Rejuvenation 

Face and neck £200
Body from £150 depending on size of area
(includes microdermabrasion in treatment)


Laser Thread Vein Treatments 

From £110
3 treatments are usually all that are needed.


Laser Treatment of Age Spots 

Face from £150
Body from £100


Skin Tag Treatments 

From £150 (laser or sterile removal)


Laser Hair Removal

Upper lip or chin £65
Full face £155
Cheeks £75
Side burns £65
Front and back of neck £90

Underarms £90
Upper or lower arms £135
Full arms £170
Shoulders £110
Back £270
Back and shoulders £285
Lower or upper back only £135

Chest and breast £155
Nipples £75
Abdomen £145
Chest and abdomen £265
Bikini from £110
Belly button (navel) line £80

Upper or lower legs £135
Full legs £250

Full body £770
On average 5-6 treatments are needed for body
and from 8-10 for face.


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